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Zoom AMS-24 Bus-Powered Recording & Streaming Interface w/ Mackie EM-91C Mic & Cable


Zoom AMS-24 Bus-Powered Recording & Streaming Interface w/ Mackie EM-91C Mic & Cable


Manufacturer's Description

Zoom AMS-24 2-In / 4-Out Bus-Powered Audio Recording & Streaming Interface


AMS Audio Interfaces are designed for musicians who want to record music with their DAW or easily livestream on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, without all the typical complications.


The AMS-24 and AMS-44 feature our innovative Music / Streaming Switch.


When switched to Music mode, you can record into your DAW with expanded input and output routing options.


When switched to Streaming mode all inputs are combined into a single signal so you can easily stream without needing additional complicated software.

AMS-24 | 2-In, 4-Out

The AMS-24 is perfect for solo streams and multi-instrument sessions. It features two XLR/TRS combo inputs along with Zoom’s low-noise preamps. Also included are two headphone outputs and two TRS outputs for external monitors.

Quick Control

With their onboard hardware switches, the AMS-24 and AMS-44 are designed to simplify common streaming challenges without the need for additional software.

Little Switch, Big Streams

Toggle from recording to livestreaming with the Music/ Streaming Switch. When in Music mode, each input acts independently with individual gain control. It also sends separate mixes to each headphone output.

When in Streaming mode all inputs are combined into one signal to work seamlessly with your streaming software.

Onboard Monitoring

Use the Direct Monitor Switch to send the input signal directly to your headphones while routing the same signal to your DAW or streaming software.


The Loopback Switch combines the input audio with playback from your computer and routes it to your streaming software. This is perfect for adding background music to your stream or singing live with an instrumental track.

What’s In The Box

  • AMS-24 USB Audio Interface
  • USB-C Cable
  • Quick Tour