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Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator Guitar Effects Pedal

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Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator Guitar Effects Pedal


Source Guitars:16 Types
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
A/D conversion: 24-bit with 128x oversampling
D/A conversion: 24-bit with 128x oversampling
Signal processing: 32-bit
Frequency characteristics: 20 – 20 kHz +1 dB, -3 dB (10 kΩ load)


Standard monaural phone jack
Rated input level: -20 dBu*
Input impedance: 10 MΩ


Standard stereo phone jack
(combined line/headphones)
Maximum output level:
Line +7 dBu*
(10 kΩ or more)
Stereo mini jack (3.5 mm)
Headphones 8 mW + 8 mW (into 32 Ω load)

Standard mono phone jack
Maximum output level:
Line +7 dBu (10 kΩ or more output impedance)

Balanced Output:
XLR jack
Output impedance:
PRE/POST (switchable)
GND LIFT (switchable)

Equivalent input noise: 120 dBu*
Noise floor (residual noise): -100 dBu
Power: AC adapter DC9V, 500 mA center negative (ZOOM AD-16)
Batteries: 2 AA (about 3 hrs continuous
Dimensions: 158 mm (D) X 107 mm (W) X 52 mm (H)
Weight: 0.570kg / 1.26 lbs
* 0 dBu=0.775 Vrms

Manufacturer's Description

Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator Guitar Effects Pedal

Amplify your acoustic sound with the Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator. The AC-2 is a DI (direct box) that encompasses all you need to deliver natural guitar tone on stage or in the studio. The AC-2 automatically restores tone lost through acoustic pickups, so your sound is always lush, resonant, and faithful to the instrument you have in hand

Restore Your Acoustic Tone

With 16 source guitar presets, the AC-2 recovers the sonic characteristics of a variety of guitar types and body shapes. You can choose from dreadnought, upright bass, nylon strings, 12 string, and more.Simply select your guitar of choice, then choose piezo or magnetic pickup. From there, the AC-2 is ready to reproduce and amplify your guitar’s tone with complete accuracy.

Essential DI Features

The AC-2 features a high-quality preamp which boosts your signal and helps restore your true acoustic sound. Add its natural-sounding reverb to increase your acoustic’s depth and width, and round out your desired tone with easy 3-band EQ adjustments.


The AC-2's Volume knob automatically controls the preamp’s input gain and output level, taking theguesswork out of adjusting sound levels to match. It’s allyou need to make volume controland setup simple when you’replaying live on stage

Full Versatility forCarlitos’ Upright Bass

Carlitos del Puerto needs the earthy tone of his upright bass to fill the room when he plays with legends like Bruce Springsteen and Chick Corea. He uses the AC-2 for the great sound, easy setup, and versatility he needs to put in a killer performance."The AC-2 preamp is a fantastic tool for us musicians, easy to use. Very versatile and uncompromising sound."


The AC-2 is also equippedwith an anti-feedback buttonthat automatically locatesand eliminates problemfrequencies —an essentialfor live performanceThe AC-2’s built-in tuner with its large LED meter lets you easily see when you’re in tune.There’s no mistaking the beautiful, shimmering sound of a 12 string guitar. With the AC-2, your guitar will retain its natural, chorus-filled tone whenever you're on stage.You can also add 9 dB of gain withthe tap of your foot using the AC-2'sboost function, allowing you to switchfrom strumming to finger-pickingwithout ever losing a note.Since the AC-2 is designed to enhance your acoustic performances in all environments, it offers a variety of power options. Two AA batteries provide up to three hours of continuous power. Alternatively, you can use the Zoom AD-16 AC adapter for power, or the micro USB port to bus power the AC-2 via your computer.


  • 16 source guitar type/body presets for
  • accurate tone reproduction
  • ¼” input
  • XLR balanced out
  • Two ¼” outputs for mono or stereoconnection to guitar amps, headphones,and audio interfaces
  • Reverb effect
  • High-quality, low noise preamp
  • Piezo/magnetic input pickup select
  • 3-band equalizer
  • Input and output gain/sensitivity adjustable
    via single volume knob (patent pending)
  • Anti-feedback control
  • Boost switch for up to 9 dB of additional gain
  • Built-in chromatic visual-LED tuner
  • USB connection for firmware updates
  • Dual output jacks for connection to guitaramps and mono or stereo PA systems
  • Three power options: 2 x AA batteries, the
    included Zoom AD-16 power adapter
    (9V DC in), or bus power via micro-USB port


Here's what comes includedwith the AC-2:

  • Zoom AD-16 AC adapter
  • Operation manual