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Wren and Cuff Blue Violet Caprid Small Foot Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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Wren and Cuff Blue Violet Caprid Small Foot Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

This pedal is a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly version of our Blue-Violet Caprid OG, which is based on the famed "violet-era" Ram's Head Muffer.

The Blue-Violet Caprid Small Foot contains three hand-selected orange-dot transistors and a single violet-dot transistor, each selected for the best gain range to create the perfect muff-tone. All component values are matched to the Big Box OG Blue Violet. If you like rich, violin-like sustain with a slightly aggressive edge, then you've got the right pedal!

Does it sound the same? It sounds very close to the OG Blue. Since it doesn't have the same big 'ole 1/2-watt carbon-comp resistors, 3003 open layout, and exact caps (but same values), it's never going to be identical. That's what makes the big box pedals in our line so special! However, to most people, the sound differences will be quite subtle, especially when you factor in that the hand-matched transistors are identical.

A bit about this reproduction... During the early to mid-'70s when the original BM pedals were made, EH made a couple of changes to the art. They changed the famous square "Ram's Head" logo to a round shape and switched to a one-color graphics layout on the front, perhaps to save a bit of money since two-color graphics were most likely a bit more expensive to make. These came in blue, black, red, and violet colors over stainless steel, some more rare than others. So why did we choose blue? Because it looks so nice. No other reason!


  • CURRENT DRAW: The Blue-Violet Caprid will draw less than 10mA
  • POWER: This pedal uses a 9V battery or a center-negative, 2.1mm barrel, regulated power supply (typical effects pedal type).
  • BYPASS: Effect on/off switching is done via a 100% mechanical 3PDT foot-switch, otherwise known as “true-bypass”
  • DIMENSIONS: 6 cm x 11.1cm x 3.9cm (2.36" x 4.37" x 1.54")