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Warm Audio Prem-XLR-100 100ft Premier XLR Microphone Cable


Warm Audio Prem-XLR-100 100ft Premier XLR Microphone Cable


Manufacturer's Description

Premier XLR

Warm Audio partnered with Switzerland-based Gotham AG - Europe’s top producer of boutique cables, to provide cable stock for our entire line. Our Premier XLR cables offer over-the-top features like gold-plated connectors, StarQuad construction, Double-Reussen shielding and a braided outer wrap. StarQuad construction achieves greater protection from induced noise than traditional XLR cables by using five cores instead of three, and Double-Reussen shielding uses two separate copper shields wrapped in a contrary direction to create the strongest resistance to EMI available. Premier cables also come with a lifetime warranty, bringing you serious gear that's seriously affordable!



  • Type: XLR
  • Color: Black/Gold


  • Diameter: 1/4" (6.3mm)
  • Color: Black
  • Jacket Material: Flexible PVC, Woven Nylon

Conductor Wires

  • Material: Standard Bare Copper Wires
  • Diameter: 23 AWG (0.57mm)
  • Twisting: Four Core Twisted Together, Star Quad


  • Shield 1: k6160 Polyester Nonwoven Thermally Bonded Copper Coated
  • Shield 2: Bare Copper Wires
  • Coverage: 100%