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Verellen Amplifiers Skyhammer Dual Channel Preamplifier Guitar Effects Pedal


Manufacturer's Description

Verellen Amplifiers Skyhammer Dual Channel Preamplifier Guitar Effects Pedal

 The SKYHAMMER preamp for guitar produces lush cleans, smooth overdrive, and features a unique brand of thick high gain front end distortion for guitar. 

Complete with Gain control, 3-band EQ, and Master Volume controls per channel. High and Low output modes allow for instrument-level use with a standard guitar or bass amplifier, or run directly into a power amplifier. Running one of the PREAMP PEDALS into an effects loop return or the power amplifier input of a bass or guitar amp can completely transform the amp's sound. 

The dedicated record output includes a speaker simulating filter with two levels of intensity. This allows for running the PREAMP PEDALS directly into a mixing board, tape machine, or DAW, without the need for heavy power amps or speaker cabinets. A foot-switchable overdrive boost provides instant transitions from clean to gritty or, depending on the Gain and Master settings from gritty to roar. Foot-switchable true-bypass switching also allows for stompbox-like functionality. 

Housed in a sturdy black steel enclosure, set between two side-panels of finished birch. High-quality components are used throughout, including a regulated DC filament supply. Careful shielding circuitry layout yield huge tone with a low noise floor.