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Ultimate Support LIVE-T Tripod Microphone Stand


Ultimate Support LIVE-T Tripod Microphone Stand


Manufacturer's Description

Live Series Microphone Stand with One-handed Height Adjustment, Durable Lightweight Aluminum Construction, and Tripod Locking Legs

One-handed Height Adjustment

Designed as the perfect performance stand, the new Live Series one-hand clutch holds better than any other one-hand stand. New ergonomic handle feels great in your hand and is easy to use - just squeeze to easily raise or lower the microphone.

Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Live Series microphone stands are designed with the lead singer in mind. They’re light enough to move from gig to gig, but robust enough to take whatever you can throw at them. Durable, anodized aluminum construction creates a strong, ultra-lightweight stand preferred by lead singers.

Available With Three Different Bases

The Live Series mic stand is available with one of three base configurations. The Live-T features a locking tripod mechanism that locks legs in place for stable performance and fold up and locks for compact transport (simply turn the locking ring on the base to unlock legs and open). The Live-ST features a sturdy, die-cast standard weighted base while the stackable Live-SB combines the stability of a weighted base with the ability to stack six of them in the same space as just one!

Patented Universal Mic Attachment

Whether you’re performing in the States or over seas, a Live Series microphone stand is the only stand you’ll need. The top threads fit both US- and metric-threaded mic clips and accessories for use all around the world.


  • One-handed height adjustment
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Available with three different bases
  • Patented universal mic attachment


  • LIVE-T #17204—black
  • Height 45.3” - 74.8” (1150 mm - 1900 mm)
  • Tube diameter 1” (25 mm)
  • Weight 4.2 lbs.
  • Base footprint 25” x 25” (610 mm - 610 mm)