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Triton Audio AirHead Passive In-Line 15dB Microphone Attenuator


Manufacturer's Description

Attenuator for all types of microphones

AirHead is a passive -15dB attenuator plug which allows phantom power to reach the microphone.

When recording very loud sources such as drums or guitar amps, signal from the microphones is often very hot. AirHead attenuates the signal before it hits your favorite preamp. Now your preamp is operating with a more usable gain range, so the sonic character of your preamp is more emphasized.

  • Passive -15dB attenuator
  • For all types of microphones
  • Allows phantom power to reach the microphone


  • Balanced XLR input/output
  • height: 3” / 76mm
  • width: Ø 0,86” / 22mm
  • weight: 55 g