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Tama MS456LBK Iron Works Tour Tripod Base Low-Profile Telescoping Boom Microphone Stand

  • Height 440mm – 605mm(17 5/16”– 23 13/16")
  • Boom 505mm – 845mm(19 7/8”– 33 1/4”)

Manufacturer's Description

Tama MS456LBK Iron Works Tour Tripod Base Low-Profile Telescoping Boom Microphone Stand

The Iron Works Tour Series MS456LBK low profile telescoping boom stand with tripod legs boasts the same innovations and solid construction characteristics of its taller sibling, the MS456BK and easily surpasses anything in its class in terms of value, performance and durability.AMA’s rough and ready “standard” boom stand ideal for mic-ing drums or amplifiers, or in any situation where lower height mic positioning is needed

Abandoning the weak standard gripping methods used by economy grade stands, Iron Works Tour stands utilize two zinc die-cast pressure pads that maximize surface gripping area to deliver optimal holding power.Iron Works’ sturdy zinc, die-cast adjustment collar will be appreciated by users who’ve been thwarted by the performance failure of flimsy plastic collars.Not only does the thumb nut’s larger, sure-grip design allow greater leverage for faster, easier set-up and breakdown, its high quality zinc threads and walls are built to handle pressure for years to come

Anyone who has used existing boom stands is familiar with the following potential mishap: Performer attempts a slight adjustment of mic stand by rotating the boom arm in the stand around few degrees but with an undesired result the twisting force is just enough to loosen the plastic ring inside the adjustment collar. Having lost its grip on the upper telescoping shaft, the boom arm, and microphone, sink downward, possibly even falling to the ground. No more. Finally, TAMA has addressed this common problem by utilizing a specially designed ring with an anchor at the bottom, which sits in the mic pipe’s slot. The ring does not rotate, so adjustment collar’s grip cannot fail.

With its solid-core telescoping iron boom arm and removable counterweight, Iron Works boom stands safely and securely hold heavy microphones and accessories. Inside the boom arm, our rod stopper (see diagram) is made of POM, as opposed to nylon. This longer and more durable stopper ensures stability, and minimizes wobble. The detachable counterweight is key in terms of allowing the user to configure the stand with a left-handed or right-handed orientation, while still facing the T-handle in the desired direction.