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T-Rex Engineering Mudhoney II Dual Distortion Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

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  • Input impedance @ 1KHz: Higher than 1M Ohm

  • Output impedances @ 1KHz: Lower than 1K Ohm

  • Power Supply: 9V DC (T-Rex FuelTrank)

  • Minimum power supply voltage: 8.5V DC

  • Maximum power supply voltage: 12.5V DC

  • Current draw @ 9V DC: 20 mA

  • Maximum input signal Vp/p: 1.5Vp/p

  • Battery type: 9V battery 6F22

  • Battery Life: 6-9 Hours

  • External connectors: Input Jack, Output Jack, 9V DC Jack

  • Controls: On/Off, 2 x Gain, 2 x Level, 2 x Tone, 2 x Boost

  • Pedal Size incl. knobs (W x H x D): 100 x 55 x 120 mm / 3.9 x 2.2 x 4.7 inch

  • Weight excl. battery and packaging: 0.350 kg/ 12.3 oz

Manufacturer's Description


If you still haven’t heard a T-Rex Mudhoney, do yourself a favour and plug one in next time you’re at the music store.
Dirty and sweet, this classic dual distortion pedal has been praised for its amazing tonal range and ability to deliver everything from a smooth dirty edge to a harrowing wall of distorted sound. It’s one of first pedals we produced, and it set the standard for many T-Rex pedals to come

2 Mudhoneys in 1

Now, we’re pleased to introduce Mudhoney II, a new generation of this classic pedal that keeps everything that was great about the original Mudhoney – and then doubles it! With two channels of vintage gain, you can easily switch between a clean sound from your amp, a nice edgy overdrive from the one Mudhoney channel and a thick warm distortion from the other channel – delivering deliciously dirty T-Rex tone all the way.

New tone controls

Mudhoney II features the same convenient boost function you’ll recognise from the original Mudhoney (now one switch for each channel) and even adds a tone control for each channel – so you can shape the timbre of your drive to create your own signature sound.


  • 2 channels of vintage gain Classic dual distortion

  • Amazing tonal range and ability to deliver everything from smooth dirty edge to a harrowing wall of distorted sound

  • New tone controls

  • Boost function and tone control for each channel