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Synergy Friedman BE-DLX 2-Channel Guitar All-Tube Preamp Module


Synergy Friedman BE-DLX 2-Channel Guitar All-Tube Preamp Module


Manufacturer's Description

Two Legendary Friedman Amplifiers in One Compact, All-Tube Package.

The Synergy Friedman BE, and HBE all-tube preamp modules were among Synergy’s most popular designs and for a good reason. They perfectly reproduce the tone and feel of Friedman’s legendary BE tube amplifiers, the standard by which all other modern, British-voiced amp heads are today judged.

Friedman is one of the most respected brands in tube amplifiers and thanks to Dave Friedman’s famed BE/HBE circuits, they’re as sought-after for their modern high-gain tones as they are for their classic roar.

Now, for the first time, with the BE-DLX you can get both the BE and HBE sounds from a single Synergy preamp module with more control than ever before.

Like all Synergy Friedman modules, the BE-DLX was designed by Dave Friedman himself. Both all-tube channels are identical recreations of the BE tube preamp but feature a full, independent suite of controls, including volume, gain, and a 3-band EQ per channel for added flexibility. Their BE/HBE mini toggles takes you from responsive, bluesy crunch to the high gain used by today’s most respected rock and metal guitarists. Set one channel to a vintage rock crunch and the other to an HBE-powered modern metal tone. Or switch between a rhythm and boosted lead sound.

The BE-DLX module features two circuit board mounted switches. A two position FAT switch lets you add overall low-end response. The Gain Structure switch lets you reduce the gain of the module for a classic vintage tone.

The Synergy BE DLX module is like having two legendary Friedman amplifiers in one compact, all-tube, and incredibly convenient package.

Friedman BE-DLX Preamp Module Features:

  • All-tube preamp module custom designed by Dave Friedman 
  • Two identical channels with Gain, Volume and 3-Band EQ 
  • BE/HBE Switch per channel 
  • SAT (Saturation Switch) per channel 
  • PCB Mounted FAT switch (lets you add overall low-end response) 
  • PCB Mounted Gain Structure switch (lets you reduce the overall gain) 
  • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes ensure rich harmonic performance 
  • Easy to install and remove from Synergy preamp docks


The Friedman BE-DLX module features a patented three-position switch on the PCB, which allows you to configure the input tube bass response to match the original circuit of the selected module. This will affect the feel and tightness. Each amp designer has a specific combination of components that make up their input tube circuit. Synergy has selected the three most popular combinations which you can access with this switch. The USA voiced modules typically use setting 1 (1.5K resistor and 22uf capacitor). British-style modules use position 2 (2.7K resistor and .68uf capacitor). The SOLDANO / VAI module use position 3 (1.8K resistor and 1uf capacitor). Of course, you can experiment and try any of the positions to see what you prefer. The BE-DLX is present to the center position 2 (2.7K resistor and .68uf capacitor).

Synergy hardware and interchangeable preamps are protected under US patent.