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Supro 1822RBB Delta King 12 15-Watt 1x12" Tube Guitar Combo Amp with Reverb, Black on Black


Supro 1822RBB Delta King 12 15-Watt 1x12" Tube Guitar Combo Amp with Reverb, Black on Black


Manufacturer's Description

The Delta King 12 combo captures the vintage Supro amp tone that helped sculpt the sound of early electric Rock & Roll and the British Invasion of the 1960s. Its single-ended Class A tube power amp provides the same raw tonal characteristics and remarkable touch sensitivity features of its mid-century counterparts, all while delivering a full 15 watts of 6L6 tube power through our custom 12-inch DK12 speaker. Features include front-end gain via a 12AX7 tube preamp, a FET-driven boost function, Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, 3-band EQ, master volume, and custom-made genuine analog spring reverb.


Custom DK12 Speaker

A custom 12-inch DK12 speaker offers balanced, rich tone, specifically designed to capture the magic of the original field-coil speakers used by amp makers at the dawn of the electric age.

All-Tube Tone

The Delta King 12 features a 12AX7 tube preamp, where the audio is gained up and sent to a Class A 6L6 power amp to deliver pure, unobstructed tone that epitomizes the 1950s Supro sound.

Old-School Vibe

Hearkening back to the original Supro combo amplifiers, the Delta King 12 features a custom, poplar cabinet design, and unforgettable colorways.

Huge Range of Features

Onboard analog spring reverb, FET-driven boost functionality, and Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode allow for an exceptional range of available effects and tonal options. A Line Output allows for a direct-to-recording option or driving tones to an additional amp.



  • Name: Delta King 12


  • Wattage: 15W
  • Speaker Brand: Supro
  • Speaker Model: DK12
  • Knob Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Master
  • Effects: Boost, Drive
  • Inputs: 1
  • Remote Switch Jacks: TRS Double Footswitch
  • Outputs (line level): Line Out
  • Speaker Jack: N/A
  • Preamp Tubes: 12AX7
  • Power Amp Tubes: 6L6


  • Cabinet Material: Poplar
  • Handle: Rubber
  • Remote: SF2 Supro Dual Footswitch (Sold Separately)
  • Cover: N/A
  • Tolex: Black
  • Piping: Black
  • Colorway: Black and Black
  • Grill Cloth: Black


  • Cab Dims (in.): 17” x 7.5” x 16”
  • Cab Dims (cm): 43 x 19 x 41 cm
  • Weight (lbs): 28 lbs
  • Weight (kg): 13 kg