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SKU SUHR-04-63P-0008

Suhr V63+ Single-Coil Middle RW/RP Guitar Pickup, White


Manufacturer's Description

The V63+ started with John’s V63 design and he overwound it, creating a hotter pickup with more output and incredibly rich tone. Previously referred to as the ‘ML’, we’ve updated the name to help players better understand the tonal response and sound. The V63+ pickups offer a balance of tight lows, focused midrange and smooth top-end sparkle. V63+ pickups incorporate a modified staggered pole piece design to provide an even magnetic field needed to accommodate instruments with flatter neck radiuses and today’s string gauges.


  • V63+ Middle
  • DC RESISTANCE: ~ 6.5KΩ Reverse Wind/Reverse Polarity
  • MAGNET TYPE: Alnico V
  • HOOK UP WIRE: Braided Cloth