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Strandberg Salen Classic NX 6 Multi-Scale Headless Guitar, Butterscotch Blonde

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Manufacturer's Description

The Sälen NX is the .strandberg* take on the legendary first solidbody electric guitar from the 1950’s: not a mere copy of this iconic guitar that changed the history of music but a thoughtful and innovative design that balances the best of the tried-and-true traditional with the thoroughly modern concepts that our guitars are known for. The Sälen NX is at once familiar and strikingly bold, vintage-and-futuristic, yesterday-and-tomorrow. Due to its solidbody construction, Sälen NX Classic exhibits a punchier and snappier tactile response than the NX Deluxe, making it ideal for country players as well as rock and blues players who prefer the meatier and more solid feel that such a guitar provides. A true classic wood combination that has been heard in countless recordings over many decades, the Sälen NX Classic exudes a timeless nature that blends seamlessly with the modern .strandberg* design and innovative features.

What Makes It Special?

The Sälen NX is the .strandberg* take on the legendary first solidbody electric guitar from the 1950’s with thoughtful and innovative design features that bring this iconic electric guitar design into the 21st century. Balancing the best of the traditional honed over five decades with various modern concepts developed over the past decade by Ola Strandberg, the Sälen NX is at once familiar yet boldly exciting and non-conformist. It is about making a statement to express where you are now and going in the future with a respectful nod towards the past.

What Does It Do?

The challenge of developing the Sälen was finding the ideal balance between the classic/traditional and modern innovation. The Sälen NX succeeds with every detail being painstakingly considered to provide the best of the two antipodes. From the materials, pickups, and components to the contours of the body and the placement of the controls, each detail was carefully thought out before implementation for attaining the best sound quality as well as the ideal aesthetics and uncompromising playability. The result is a guitar that can faithfully recreate the classic sounds as well as adapting to the requirements of the modern performance and recording environments.

Who Is It For?

The Sälen NX is for the modern musicians who have their feet firmly planted in both the traditional and the modern – both visually and sonically. With the capability to produce the classic sounds of yesteryears with all the innovative features that .strandberg* is known for, the Sälen NX satisfies the needs to today’s musicians who wish to have the best of both in a compact and ergonomic design for the ultimate in comfort and mobility. Whether you are into rock, country, pop, blues, or jazz or all of the above, the Sälen NX models will deliver the tone, playability, and feel you need to perform at your very best.



  • Bolt-On Construction with new sculpted neck joint heel
  • Solid Swamp Ash Body with Torso Carve
  • Black 3-ply pickguard
  • Available Finish: Vintage Burst gloss
  • Approximate Weight: 2.3kg / 5 lbs
  • Manufactured in Indonesia


  • .strandberg* EGS Series 7 fixed bridge & string locks
  • Chrome Anodized Hardware
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Side Dots
  • Original Luminlay™ Green Inlays

Neck & Frets

  • Quartersawn Maple, Carbon Fiber reinforced
  • EndurNeck™ Profile
  • Birdseye Maple Fretboard
  • 20” Fretboard Radius
  • 24 Frets
  • Jescar 51100 Stainless Steel Fretwire (57110 for zero-fret)
  • D’Addario NYXL 10-46 strings
  • Standard tuning EADGBE


  • NX Multitool and Allen Key Kit included
  • Strap optional
  • Deluxe Toolkit optional

Sonic Profile

  • S-S Pickup Configuration
  • Neck: Suhr™ Classic T Neck
  • Bridge: Suhr™ Custom Classic T Bridge
  • 3-Way Pickup Selector
    • Neck
    • Neck + Bridge in parallel
    • Bridge
  • Master Volume + Master Tone


  • Width: 315 mm/12,4”
  • Length: 800 mm/31,5”
  • Thickness: 42 mm/1.65″
  • Long Scale: 25.5”
  • Short Scale: 25”
  • String spread at nut: 35 mm/1,38”
  • String spacing at bridge: 10.5 mm/.41″
  • Neutral fret: 0


  • Venture Gig Bag included

Overall Condition

Music Store Live is proud to be an authorized dealer for Strandberg. This Salen Classic NX 6 is 100% brand new and is being sold with a full manufacturer's warranty.

note: The photos above may not be of the exact guitar you'll receive. The serial number may differ but specs will all be the same. Please feel free to get in touch with us for an in-hand description.

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