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Sabian NP1916B 19-Inch Paragon Chinese Brilliant Finish Drum Set Cymbal


Manufacturer's Description

The SABIAN 19” Paragon Chinese is very much a traditional model in its design and sound. It's extremely T, with a very small bell, short, steeply angled bow, and wide, flanged lip with aggressive HHX super-sized hammering for maximum sensitivity. The response of this cymbal is very open and easy to activate. It's so T it can be brought to a roar using just a finger. The response is very dark and very agitated, a dirty sound that until now, Neil Peart was unable to find in any cymbal. Handcrafted from pure SABIAN B20 bronze, Paragon cymbals offer subtle looks and powerful, dynamic sounds. Created using AA-style hammering and an innovative mix of sound-defining features from the AA, AAX, and HH series, Paragon defines a new, closer relationship between power and musicality in cymbals that are dynamically responsive, highly durable, and effective in a wide range of applications.

  • Responsive model that's very open and easy to activate – bring it to a roar with just a finger!
  • Dirty response that's very dark and very agitated
  • Designed with RUSH drummer Neil Peart
  • Protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty


  • SERIES: Paragon
  • Country of Origin: CA
  • WEIGHT(lbs): 4.25
  • WEIGHT(kg): 1.925
  • HEIGHT(in): 1.6
  • WIDTH(in): 19
  • DEPTH(in): 19
  • HEIGHT(cm): 4
  • WIDTH(cm): 48.5
  • DEPTH(cm): 48.5
  • Finish: B