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Roland Fantom 6 EX Semi-Weighted 61-Key Music Workstation Synthesizer Keyboard


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Roland Fantom 6 EX Semi-Weighted 61-Key Music Workstation Synthesizer Keyboard


Manufacturer's Description

FANTOM amplified.

Introducing FANTOM EX, the most potent creative keyboard on the planet. The latest chapter in the FANTOM legacy supercharges Roland’s premier synth platform with next-level capabilities, offering multiple advanced sound engines, enhanced composition and performance tools, and superior playability. 

The ultimate creative hub evolves.

FANTOM EX includes every feature from its acclaimed predecessor and so much more. Updated with our most advanced technologies, this robust platform brings you a complete creative ecosystem for professional sound design, sequencing, and performance.  

Start your engines.

FANTOM EX includes the most expansive collection of premium sound engines available in a hardware instrument. ACB, ZEN-Core, V-Piano, SuperNATURAL, and other Roland technologies spark inspiration at every turn, providing expressive and inspiring sounds for every musical style.

Create without limits.

FANTOM EX is designed for non-stop creation, with a highly flexible architecture that lets you bring musical ideas alive in seconds. Freely combine the internal engines to create classic sounds, unique voices, and complex sonic textures. Explore fluid composition tools and recall complete creative environments with a touch. Extend your range with integrated control modes for leading music production software. And go even further with a vast selection of premium sound content on Roland Cloud.  

Everything at once.

FANTOM EX delivers the power you need on demand, so you’ll never have to compromise your musical vision. Core custom processors provide smooth and precise operation with plenty of overhead, enabling loads of polyphony and full patch remain for seamless transitions. There are dozens of simultaneous effects, including new studio-grade reverbs and updated Master FX for shaping the overall sound. A characterful analog filter is also available, perfect for infusing tones with extra warmth and grit.

Complete control.

Shape sounds instantly and compose effortlessly with the friendly, ergonomic panel filled with buttons, knobs, and sliders. Immerse yourself in a gorgeous color touchscreen that dynamically changes to support the task at hand. And personalize the look by importing custom images for the screensaver and startup view. 

New dimensions in sound.

FANTOM EX puts a colossal library of genre-defining Roland sounds at your fingertips. Create, compose, and perform with over 7000 onboard tones and a deep array of powerful synthesis tools. 

Advanced Analog Circuit Behavior.

Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology brings an authentic analog sound experience to life in the digital realm, faithfully recreating analog circuitry and all their interactive behaviors at a component level. FANTOM EX features three ACB instruments with the latest advancements, including Circuit Mod and Condition functions for dialing in varying degrees of vintage character.

SH-101 ACB Expansion.

The SH-101 ACB Expansion for FANTOM EX is an ultra-detailed sonic replica of the famous Roland SH-101 from 1982, an influential monosynth that continues to shape and inspire electronic music styles the world over.

JUPITER-8 ACB Expansion.

Released in 1981, the JUPITER-8 is one of the most revered and sought-after polysynths of all time. The JUPITER-8 ACB Expansion puts a complete circuit-level recreation of this vintage icon inside FANTOM EX.

JX-3P ACB Expansion.

In 1983, the landmark JX-3P ushered in an era of sleek looks, easy preset recall, and stable tuning via analog oscillators under digital control. Indistinguishable from the sound of the original, the JX-3P ACB Expansion brings this underground classic to your FANTOM EX workflow.

*SH-101 and JUPITER-8 ACB Expansions come preinstalled. The JX-3P is a free download on Roland Cloud for FANTOM EX owners and purchasers of the FANTOM EX Upgrade for original FANTOM models.   

The Power of ZEN-Core.

The flexible and expandable ZEN-Core Synthesis System leverages decades of Roland R&D to deliver a diverse array of electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds. Develop nuanced and expressive tones with up to four partials, each with an independent oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual LFOs, and effects. And use up to 16 tones in a Scene to build complex splits, layers, and sequenced parts. 

Model Expansions.

From rare and sought-after classics to the designs of tomorrow, Model Expansions provide unprecedented access to the historic and ever-evolving world of Roland synthesizers. FANTOM EX comes with six preloaded Model Expansions driven by the versatile ZEN-Core system.

n/zyme Model Expansion

n/zyme is a thoroughly modern instrument with an all-new synth engine developed for the FANTOM environment. Combining wavetable oscillator layers, phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two insanely powerful Step LFOs, n/zyme is a highly interactive music tool that sparks endless creative explorations.

Vintage Model Expansions

The vintage-inspired JD-800, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-8P, and SH-101 Model Expansions capture the essence of legendary Roland instruments, enhanced with more polyphony and other modern features for today’s creators. 

World-class pianos.

Acoustic piano is the foundational instrument for many keyboardists. The V-Piano and SuperNATURAL technologies in FANTOM EX bring you deeply expressive pianos that sound and feel like the real thing. The V-Piano interface has been refreshed for a smoother workflow, and the German Concert V-Piano Expansion 01 developed for the RD-2000 comes preinstalled. Core SuperNATURAL acoustic and electric pianos are also included, along with the newly developed SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 Expansion.

Essential organs.

Roland’s Virtual ToneWheel engine faithfully emulates the sound-generating process of vintage organs, with several tone wheel types, adjustable percussion, key click, leakage, and more. There’s also a lush rotary effect with variable speed, brake control, and tube distortion characteristics. The touchscreen, sliders, knobs, and keyboard action are automatically configured to complete the authentic organ experience, providing hands-on control and classic quick-fire playability.

Endless inspiration.

On Roland Cloud, you can find an ever-expanding selection of ZEN-Core Sound Packs and Wave Expansions to explore. There’s a diverse range of styles and new titles added each month, so you’ll always keep your music sounding fresh.

The heart of your studio.

With its seamless computer integration, powerful composition tools, and diverse connectivity, FANTOM EX is primed to be the center of your production universe.

Deep DAW integration.

FANTOM EX flows effortlessly into any computer-based production setup. You have custom touchscreen control and dedicated modes for popular software platforms, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, MainStage, Cubase, and Studio One. With the built-in 16x3 audio/MIDI USB interface, you can mix and layer soft synths with hardware sounds, send sequencer parts to computer tracks, route DAW sources through FANTOM EX effects, and much more.

Massive connectivity.

The loaded FANTOM EX rear panel lets you interface with nearly anything. Connect mics and instruments via the XLR combo connectors and route sounds to external destinations with eight individual ¼-inch outputs. Work with MIDI gear and control software synthesizers directly from the touchscreen. And drive modular and analog synths from the dual CV/gate outputs.

Sampling workstation.

With FANTOM EX, you can sample internal and external sources—or both at once. Sample directly to the onboard pads for quick triggering or to the keyboard for instant pitched sounds. Or create detailed multisamples with up to 352 samples per tone. You can even use samples as the basis of a ZEN-Core tone, taking custom sound design to a new level.

Composition powerhouse.

FANTOM EX is a versatile musical composition platform that excels at speedy creation. Build arrangements in a flash with the clip-based workflow. Trigger sounds, clips, and patterns with the 16 RGB pads. Compose with the classic TR-REC style step sequencer or capture sounds in real time. And fine-tune tracks with the large touchscreen and intuitive piano-roll editing.

A universe of Roland effects.

High-quality effect processing is essential to professional sound design and music production. FANTOM EX is packed with on-demand effects from the vast Roland library, ready to infuse your parts with color, space, and depth. Newly developed Shimmer Reverb and Modulation Reverb algorithms offer sonic quality that rivals the finest standalone processors. There’s also a dedicated Master FX processor with preset templates for fast results and refreshed graphical interfaces for the Mastering Comp and Mastering EQ sections.

Unlimited expression.

Developed in collaboration with renowned synth designer Axel Hartmann, the FANTOM EX hardware and user interface is built to support your creative ventures with free-flowing operation and outstanding playability.

Premium keyboard action.

Each FANTOM EX model comes equipped with a premium keyboard and aftertouch support. The FANTOM 8 EX offers the ultimate weighted experience with 88 hammer-action keys, while the 61-note FANTOM 6 EX and 76-note FANTOM 7 EX feature semi-weighted synth action. Precision-crafted with decades of Roland development knowledge, these inspiring keyboards deliver the most expressive playability available.

Unmatched creative command.

There’s an ample selection of knobs and sliders for intuitive and immediate control, with high-resolution data entry for detailed tweaks and ultra-smooth sweeps. The dedicated synthesizer section features oscillator, filter, and envelope controls, and there are numerous buttons and pads for triggering and sequencing. It’s even possible to connect up to three class-compliant USB MIDI controllers to expand your workflow.

Robust and rugged.

FANTOM EX is built using the high construction standards you expect with a flagship Roland instrument. From the sturdy metal chassis to the top-grade components and connectors, this synth is ready to withstand the rigors of nightly gigging and global touring.

Choose your FANTOM EX.

Each FANTOM EX model includes the same internal features, panel layout, and connectivity. The only differences are the keyboard configuration, size, and weight.

  • FANTOM 8 EX - The top-tier FANTOM EX model with 88 hammer-action keys.
  • FANTOM 7 EX - Midline model with 76 synth-action keys.
  • FANTOM 6 EX - The most compact FANTOM EX comes equipped with 61 synth-action keys.

Upgrade your original FANTOM.

The FANTOM EX Upgrade on Roland Cloud is your path to outfit an original FANTOM 6/7/8 model with the complete EX feature set. This major upgrade package includes SH-101, JUPITER-8, and JX-3P ACB Expansions, n/zyme and JD-800 Model Expansions, two new grand pianos, and all EX enhancements.


  • Roland’s premier synthesizer series, updated and enhanced with the latest technologies
  • Powerful and intuitive user interface designed for free-flowing creativity
  • Compose and perform with Roland’s most advanced sound engines: ACB, ZEN-Core, V-Piano,
  • SuperNATURAL, Virtual ToneWheel, and more
  • Over 7000 onboard sounds from the historic Roland library
  • SH-101, JUPITER-8, and JX-3P ACB Expansions
  • n/zyme, JD-800, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-8P, and SH-101 Model Expansions
  • V-Piano engine with updated UI and preinstalled German Concert V-Piano Expansion 01
  • SuperNATURAL piano engines and preinstalled SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 Expansion
  • Virtual ToneWheel organs derived from the Roland VK series
  • Massive effects library, including new studio-grade Shimmer Reverb and Modulation Reverb
  • Master FX processor enhanced with ready-to-use presets and updated UI for Mastering Comp and Mastering EQ
  • Stereo vocoder with 32 bands
  • Professional sequencing tools with clip-based workflow, TR-REC step sequencer, piano-roll editing, and more
  • Advanced sampling with one-shot playback, pitched keyboard assignment, and multisample support
  • Large color touchscreen and ergonomic panel layout loaded with knobs, buttons, and sliders
  • 16 RGB pads for triggering sounds, samples, and clips
  • Comprehensive connectivity with multi-channel audio I/O, MIDI I/O, dual CV/gate outputs, USB, and more 16x3 audio/MIDI USB interface
  • Dedicated software control modes for Ableton Live, Logic Pro, MainStage, Cubase, and Studio One
  • Expand your creative range with ZEN-Core Sound Packs and Wave Expansions on Roland Cloud
  • FANTOM EX Upgrade available to original FANTOM owners on Roland Cloud