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Reloop Mixtour Pro 4-Deck All-in-One DJ Controller Module for Algoriddim Djay Pro


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Reloop Mixtour Pro 4-Deck All-in-One DJ Controller Module for Algoriddim Djay Pro


Manufacturer's Description

The Reloop Mixtour Pro exceeds expectations in the tiniest of spaces and provides a professional yet portable solution for the club and festival scene. The ultra-compact DJ controller was developed in close collaboration with legendary DJ & producer, Laidback Luke and is specifically designed to use seamlessly with Algoriddim’s award-winning djay Pro software.

Mixing with up to four decks

Despite its small size, the Mixtour Pro is capable of supporting four-deck mixing with its powerful and intuitive controls. Thanks to the illuminated transport section with dedicated coloured LEDs, users are always informed of whether decks 1 and 2 or decks 3 and 4 are currently active. The aluminium browse encoder and designated load buttons allow for efficient library navigation and instant loading of tracks.

Professional design & FX control

The Mixtour Pro’s two channel strips with their trusted design are fitted with all the important controls for a modern DJ setup. Each channel features an electroplated bi-polar sound filter (LPF/HPF) with a dedicated LED indicator, in addition to gain and three-band EQ. The convenient FX paddles allow the user to trigger effects in bursts via FX Hold mode or to apply them indefinitely via FX On mode. A large, electroplated dry/wet knob controls the intensity of the effect, while the two dedicated parameter buttons offer complete control over the effect parameters. The lower performance area is fitted with 45mm Ultra Glide crossfader and line faders, for the smoothest operation in the mix.

Made for djay & Neural Mix

The Reloop Mixtour Pro unlocks Algoriddim’s djay Pro software² and incorporates their revolutionary Neural Mix™ technology into the workflow with dedicated controls. This allows DJs to isolate and manipulate individual drums, instruments, and vocals from any tracks in real time, expanding creative mixing capabilities to a whole new level. This feature is toggled easily and intuitively with the press of a button and controlled via the EQ controls of the two channel strips.

Crossfader Fusion™

The Mixtour Pro is also the first DJ controller to support Algoriddim djay Pro’s revolutionary Crossfader Fusion™ feature. DJs are now able to select from a range of creative transition styles that are automatically applied when mixing from one song to another, delivering a perfect mix every single time with the simple slide of the crossfader.

Flexible performance pad section

Eight performance pads with RGB lighting provide users with more creative options with a wide range of modes including Hot Cue, Bounce Loop, Pitch Cue, Instant FX, Auto Loop, Sampler, Skip and Neural Mix™. Furthermore, all eight pads can be assigned to control one channel in single pad mode, or four pads can be assigned to a channel each via split pad mode.

Full control: the transport section

The Mixtour Pro's sophisticated transport section enables a smooth and efficient workflow. It features four rubberized buttons for each channel to control Play / Pause, Cue, and Sync respectively, while the signature “Laidback Loop” button independently offers instant looping (In/Out/Exit) with a single control. This transport section also offers secondary layer functions to control Auto Loop, Key Match, Pitch Bend, and Key Shift. The transport buttons also illuminate in 2 different colours representing decks 1 and 2 or decks 3 and 4, respectively, keeping the DJ clearly informed when performing.

USB-C design for multi-platform & device support

The Reloop Mixtour Pro provides impressive compatibility options when pairing it with a device and platform. A smartphone, tablet or computer can all be conveniently bus-powered thanks to the modern USB-C architecture. The unit also houses a second USB-C PD port, capable of up to 85W to efficiently daisy-chain a power supply, allowing the device and controller to be powered simultaneously. Algoriddim's djay Pro is available for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, and Android for even more cross-platform versatility.

Stream it!

In addition to performing with locally stored music, the Reloop Mixtour Pro together with Algoriddim djay offers access to millions of tracks on demand via major streaming services¹ such as Tidal, SoundCloud Go+, Beatport Streaming, and Beatsource Streaming. These different sources can all be mixed together and even combined in the same playlists within djay Pro.

Powerful audio quality

As the name suggests, the Reloop Mixtour Pro also delivers in regards to professional audio. The integrated 4x Out USB interface with high-quality D/A converters from Cirrus Logic enables first-class 24-bit sound with low latency. Direct connection is provided via gold-plated RCA outputs and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Portable design with durable build

The top panel of the Mixtour Pro is composed of brushed aluminium with a high-gloss acrylic plate inlay, while large non-slip feet keep the unit firmly in place when in use. The Premium Modular Bag XT is available as an optional accessory for safe transportation with the additional benefit of providing a solid base for the controller.


  • High-quality, ultra-portable, all-in-one four-deck DJ controller with audio interface
  • Professional solution for clubs and festivals developed in close collaboration with DJ & producer Laidback Luke
  • Designed for the award-winning Algoriddim djay Pro software
  • Integrated 4x Out USB sound card with 24-bit D/A converters from Cirrus Logic ensuring premium sound quality and low latency
  • USB-C design (bus-powered) with optional power delivery support (85W)
  • 4-deck control: dedicated LED indicator for active decks 3 and 4
  • Supports revolutionary Crossfader Fusion™ feature for automated transitions delivering a perfect mix
  • Neural Mix™ pad & EQ mode for real-time isolation of drums, instruments, and vocals of any song
  • Electroplated bi-polar sound filters (LPF/HPF) with LED indicator
  • 8 performance pads with RGB lighting
  • Split pad mode to assign 4 performance pads to each deck
  • Single pad mode to assign all 8 pads to a single deck
  • 8 performance modes individually selectable per deck: Hot Cue, Bounce Loop, Pitch Cue, Instant FX, Auto Loop, Sampler, Skip, Neural Mix™
  • Plug-and-Play: unlocks Algoriddim djay Pro on all available platforms²
  • FX section for selecting and controlling effects for each deck
  • 2 parameter buttons for setting the effect parameter
  • 2 large electroplated toggle switches (FX paddles) with Hold & On position for burst triggering or constant effect activation
  • Effect status easily visible via FX-On LEDs
  • Large electroplated Dry/Wet controller for controlling the effect level
  • Rubber-coated transport section with four control buttons per deck (Play/Pause, Cue, Sync, Manual Loop)
  • Laidback Loop mode: instant looping with just one button (In/Out/Exit)
  • Intuitive deck lighting: the transport section illuminates in a different colour according to the active decks
  • Shift/mode control for 2nd-layer functions such as Auto Loop, Key Match, Pitch Bend, and Key Shift
  • Millions of tracks are available on demand within Algoriddim djay Pro via the Apple Music¹, Tidal¹, SoundCloud Go+¹, Beatport Streaming¹ and Beatsource Streaming¹ streaming services
  • Dedicated controls for main output level, headphone volume, and cue mix
  • LED chain input signal for level indication
  • Aluminium browse encoder and load buttons for quick and easy track navigation and loading
  • Gain and 3-band EQ per channel
  • Headphone cue buttons per channel
  • 45mm Ultra Glide line faders and crossfader
  • Gold-plated RCA outputs and 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Brushed aluminium top panel with high-gloss acrylic plate inlay
  • Flat design with high-quality components and large, non-slip feet
  • Multi-platform support compatible with smartphones, tablets, or laptops
  • MIDI-compatible
  • Side Kensington lock for theft protection
  • Optional Premium Modular Bag XT for safe transportation and a solid base to raise the Reloop Mixtour Pro to club setup height
  • Incl. USB-C to USB-C cable, RCA cable and instruction manual
  • ¹ Internet connection and a Apple Music, Tidal Premium or HiFi or SoundCloud Go+ subscription required. Tidal
  • Premium or HiFi and SoundCloud Go+ subscriptions include access to Beatport Streaming and Beatsource Streaming.
  • ² The app's functionality may vary depending on the platform used. Only Pro functions that can be operated with the controller are activated without a subscription.


  • Inputs: USB (type C) DC IN port (max. PD 85 W)
  • Outputs: Master RCA (unbalanced), headphones 3.5 mm stereo jack, USB (type C) data port
  • Dimensions: 129(W) x 310(D) x 51(H) mm
  • Weight: 956 g
  • Minimum system requirements: Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications for the system requirements of your DJ software.
  • Incl. USB-C to USB-C cable, RCA cable and instruction manual