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Red Witch Pedals FGIII Fuzz God III Guitar Effects Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

The Fuzz God III is the possibly the most versatile, compact and affordable Fuzz pedal ever made.

The first run of these pedals has been hand built by Ben Fulton. Hand numbered and signed too. There’s only 100 pieces available in this first offering

Don't miss out.

The Fuzz God III has 3 dials on the top surface for Fuzz, Volume and Sputter.

Inside it has a 6 way DIP switch.

The first 2 DIP switches control different gain arrays.

DIP switches 3 to 6 control different tonal structures.

This allows up 64 different gain and tone combinations.

Each DIP setting results in the Fuzz, Sputter and Volume dials reacting slightly differently…..

A pair of BC109 transistors (B and C) are found at the heart of this magnificent, all analog, true bypass Fuzz Deity.

Have we built the ultimate desert Island Fuzz?

Yes. Yes we have.

How does it sound? Watch the video to find out….