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Red Witch Grace Compressor Pedal 7 Sisters Guitar Effects

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Manufacturer's Description

The Red Witch Grace compressor gives you the response & texture of boutique compressors costing three times as much. If you're looking for a little more spank & sparkle out of your clean tones, or just need to squeeze more singing sustain out of your leads, the Grace compressor delivers.

The revolutionary Seven Sisters pedals from Red Witch bring you tone for days! With their rechargeable lithium ion cell and built-in charging circuit, you can get a couple weeks worth of gigs out of a single charge. And no more ground-loop hum from daisy-chained AC power supplies. Best of all, you get that unmistakable Red Witch tone at a very attractive price


- World's first Lithium Ion Cell Pedals
- World's smallest Pedal Board footprint
- Each pedal has its own charging circuit built into the device - just attach any DC adapter between 9 and 18 volts to it, let it charge over night and the pedal will be good for 1-2 weeks worth of gigging. No more dead 9 volt batteries, no more nasty ground loops from daisy chained power supplies.
- Jack sockets at the top of their proprietary, custom made diecast enclosure.