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Quilter Labs Steelaire 15" 200-Watt Combo Guitar Amplifier with Cover


Manufacturer's Description

The Steelaire Combo provides maximum portability with a slimline cabinet housing a front loaded 15" neodynium speaker. 200 clean watts and a rich feature set provide ultimate performance for any musician.

The speaker is the result of a lengthy collaboration between Pat Quilter and Eminence Speakers. We started with Eminence's rugged cast-frame 15 inch platform for maximum durability. To this we added a 3-inch aluminum voice coil and hyperbolic cone to assure outstanding frequency response, power handling, and freedom from breakup. As a finishing touch, a 4 inch aluminum dome adds a hint of sweet metallic tang, resulting in a creamy full bodied tone with a citrus-y finish.

The cabinet is the result of a lengthy series of tone tests conducted with top professional players from coast to coast. The slimline cabinet is easy to carry and requires minimal space on stage. The front mounted speaker, combined with our calibrated cabinet dimensions, provides maximum clarity of mids and highs, while delivering big clean lows. Our panel of experts frequently need to get on and off stage in less than a minute, so we provided internal room for accessory stowage, and cable routing slots that keep everything tucked safely away.

The slimline Steelaire chassis delivers a full 200 watts, with plenty of reserve voltage swing, into the 4 ohm speaker. With selectable input channels, a 4 band EQ, an adjustable limiter, tremolo, and a full-service reverb section, you get a full tool kit to optimize the sound of your instrument. In addition, a unique back panel effects loop with 9 volt DC supply allows you to wire in accessory pedals of your choice, and control them remotely, using one of our 6 position remote controls. (Leg mount remote, or foot controller, available separately.)


  • Portable: 35 Pounds(16kg), 21 x 23 x 9 in (53.4 x 58.4 x 22.9 cm)

  • Powerful: 200 watts (400 watts of internal headroom for maximum voltage swing)

  • Dual inputs: Supports multiple instruments or buffered pedal loop

  • Input mode selector: Selects Ch1, Mute, Ch2, or Ch1+2

  • 4 Band EQ: Bass(100 Hz), Low Mid(500 Hz), High Mid(2kHz), Treble(5kHz)

  • Limiter: Fully adjustable from clean to dirty

  • Tremolo: Adjustable depth and rate

  • Reverb: Adjustable depth, dwell, and tone

  • Master: Adjusts output power from 0 to 200 watts

  • Dual speaker outputs: 1/4", 2 to 16 ohms

  • Remote control connection: Accepts RJ45 cable (Cat 5,6,7,etc.)

  • Effects loop: Send, Return, and 9 volt DC out, 200 mA max

  • Direct Out: 600 ohm, isolated balanced 300 mV peak

  • Available accessories: Floor mount or leg mount 6 way remote controller, tilt back legs, and free ballistic nylon cover