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Pintech RS5T Acoustic Drum Trigger with Trigger Trap


Manufacturer's Description

These RS-5 external triggers can be head or shell mounted to provide excellent sensitivity and response. The “Kwik Klip” mounting system ensures that the audio jack stays in place and fastens to any tension rod without adhesives!

Specifically engineered with Pintech’s world renowned trigger system, these external triggers offer the best sensitivity and response on the market.  Easily removable, and can be re-applied over and over again.  If you are looking for the best triggers for the money, these are them!

Includes Pintech’s TT3 trigger trap system: Protect and securely hold the trigger in place.  No more worries about accidentally hitting your trigger.  Engineered out of metal to guarantee protection. 


  • Head or shell mount capability
  • Features Pintech’s exclusive mounting disc that allows the free-floating chamber to move freely with the drum head and not damage it.
  • TT3 Trigger Trap
  • Excellent sensitivity and response
  • “Kwik Klip” mounting system
  • Specifically designed for acoustic or mesh heads
  • American made by Pintech