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Pearl MCCM1450S/C1005 Music City Custom Solid Shell Maple 14"x5" Snare Drum w/ Nicotine Marine Pearl Inlay


Manufacturer's Description

Honed by a singular artisan with time-honored precision, Pearl's Music City Custom Solid Shell Snare Drums are uniquely refined, American-made percussion instruments. Beginning with a steam-treated plank of premium North American Maple, each Music City Custom solid shell is shaped using an old-world crafting technique derived from ship-building. Hand-milled to a smooth, uniform 8mm thickness and combined with Solid Maple reinforcement rings, each shell is CNC drilled, hand-finished, and assembled at Pearl's Music City Custom Shop in Nashville, TN. Pearl's single STL swivel lugs, Stainless Steel tuning rods, a center strip of inlaid Nicotine White Marine Pearl vinyl wrap, and SuperHoop II triple-flanged hoops complete the drum; making it a one-of-a kind percussion investment in the ultimate drumming voice.

  • Hand-Made in the USA
  • 8mm Solid N. American Maple shell w/6mm Re-Rings
  • Hand-Rubbed Nashville Natural Finish w/Nicotine Marine Pearl Inlay
  • Delivers crisp, tonally-centered midrange punch with naturally compressed overtone.
  • Single STL Swivel Lugs
  • Lifetime Warranty