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Paiste Masters Dry/Dark Cymbal Pack w/ Free 18" Swiss Crash


Manufacturer's Description

The Paiste Masters Dry/Dark Box Set is a perfect combination for the drummer looking to shake up their sound. The smoky dark hats and crashes compliment the dry ride perfectly. The delightfully Lo-fi Swiss Medium Crash is an excellent punctuation mark. This Set consists of 15" Masters Dark Hi-Hat, 17" Masters Dark Crash, 19" Masters Dark Crash, 21" Masters Dry Ride Plus Free 18" PSTX Swiss Med Crash At Drum Center of Portsmouth.


  • Swiss Made
  • Turkish Traditional (B20) Bronze
  • Hand Hammered
  • Matched Set of Cymbals (17" and 19" Masters Dark Crashes, 21" Masters Dry Ride, 15" Masters Dark Hi-Hats)
  • Free 18" PSTX Medium Swiss Crash