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One Control Salamandra Tail 3 Loop Programable Switcher


Size: 110 (W) x 115 (D) x 60 (H) mm (including projections)

Weight: 400g

Power: DC9V

Current consumption: up to 160mA

Input impedance: 500kOhm

Output impedance: 10kOhm

Manufacturer's Description

To Increase the usability of the effects board, to improve the operability. in particular for a more flexible effector control of, One Control Salamandra Tail Loop was developed.

You can functionally use it even in a small effector board, you can additionally be done immediately impossible operation in the normal connection.

One Control Salamandra Tail Loop is generally compact effector and almost the same 110 × 115 × 60mm realize the compact size of the wonders that. More usually in the weight of the compact effector 1 vehicle equivalent of 400g, it is a 3-loop programmable switcher realized ultra-light, ultra-compact. 

This in a small enclosure, three effects loop that can be set free routing, BJF Buffer that can be freely set to ON / OFF, it is possible to preset them to 16, further tuners out, we achieved independent mute switch . 

The control of the entire effector board to use only a few of the effector of course, part of the space-based or distortion system, such as in a amplifier effects loop, you can control the effect of the portion you want to switch the connection order by the music.

While having this much of the function, it provides a simple and high operability by four foot switch and large, bright segment display. It does not take a place in the board, to carry does not become bitter, yet it is programmable switcher greatly improve the operability


  • Flexible routing control
  • Routing switching effect
  • 16 presets
  • Select a preset with a simple operation
  • Flexible buffer settings
  • Switch Lock (Lock)