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Ohmless Pedals AKC-4 Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

$249.00 $215.00
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Ohmless Pedals AKC-4 Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

$249.00 $215.00
FREE 2-Day Shipping

Manufacturer's Description

AKC-4 Overdrive

AKC-4 is – after Lorena back in 2013 – our second approach to the perfect Klon. This time we took it a few steps further and created what we think is the most versatile Klon out there. We made sure to include everything you need to find your unique sound. 4 different clipping options deliver a wide range of possible sounds from low to mid range distortion. The Boost section can be added pre or post overdrive to further shape your sound and stand out in the mix.


  • Volume: Sets the overall output of the drive section of the pedal
  • Gain: Sets the amount of gain from the drive section that is being applied to your guitar signal
  • Blend: Mixes the effect signal (Drive and Boost) with the dry signal. Full CCW = 100% effect signal
  • Bass: Allows you to cut or boost low frequencies. If you want the original Klon feel, this knob needs to be at noon position
  • Boost: Sets the overall output of the boost section of the pedal. It offers 20dB of clean headroom, starting at unity volume
  • Treble: Allows you to cut or boost high frequencies


 4 different clipping options (available via footswitch or MIDI):

  • Klon clipping
  • Schottky/Silicone clipping
  • Silicone clipping
  • Mosfet clipping

MIDI functionality for switching operations:

  • OD on/off
  • Clipping Options 1-4
  • Boost on/off
  • Boost pre or post overdrive
  • Boost pre or post overdrive (available via footswitch or MIDI)
  • Internal mute circuit (35ms during switching operations) can be activated or deactivated
  • Soft Switches
  • True Bypass



  • Operates at 9V, center negative. WARNING: 18V will destroy your pedal!
  • No battery support
  • Current consumption at 9V DC: 190mA
  • 122x66x60mm (L x W x H including switches)