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Noteflight Music Notation Application (5-Year Subscription)


Manufacturer's Description

85+ High Quality Instruments Give your composition the instrumental variety and playback quality it deserves. Gain access to over 85 professionally recorded digital instruments including orchestral, jazz and rock instruments. From Alto Sax to Xylophone, Crescendo has the sounds that will make your score sound great. Share Discretely Crescendo gives you complete control over which Noteflight community members can view, edit or comment on your scores. To share with someone, all you need is their user name - Noteflight will automatically send them an email with a link to your score. Print Parts With Crescendo, you can print out individual parts directly from a full score. Each part will be printed on its own separate set of pages, in the instrument's transposed key. You can also view, edit or print any other combination of parts from the score. Organize With Crescendo, you can create any number of named collections to keep your scores organized. The same score can be categorized into more than one collection. Direct MIDI Note Entry Crescendo allows step-mode entry of notes directly from any MIDI controller, so that you can play notes into the score rather than using the mouse or keyboard. Multiple Fonts Give your scores a hand drawn look with the Jazz font, or use the Standard font for a more traditional appearance. Audio Mixing Use the Crescendo Audio Mixer to control the volume and stereo position of each instrument individually for playback purposes. You can also mute and solo tracks with a single click. Advanced Annotation With Crescendo, you can apply colors to notes and symbols in order to highlight aspects of the music for analysis, review or correction. You can also hide notes, symbols or entire sections of staves to avoid visual clutter. Templates Access a large number of available starting templates for creating new scores, including piano, string quartet, brass band, jazz ensemble, and more.


  • Noteflight is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print and hear professional quality music notation right in your web browser. Join the world's most vibrant music composition community through this exclusive retail edition offer.

  • 5-Year Subscription - Get a five-year subscription for the price of three years. (Retail edition exclusive offer)

  • Write music on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Share scores in the cloud with other users.

  • You're always using the latest version: no expensive upgrades.