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Musedo T-30 Clip-On Tuner

  • Tuning range:A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186Hz)
  • Tuning mode:Chromatic, Guitar, Bass(6 string), Violin
  • Tuning precision:±1 cent
  • A4 range:430~450Hz
  • Detection method:Mic, Clip
  • Flat tuning:♭, ♭♭
  • Display mode:LCD display
  • Tuning method:Auto
  • Power supply:3V(CR2032)Lithium battery
  • Dimensions:50(W)x48(D)x64(H)mm
  • Weight:25g

Manufacturer's Description

T-30 is a clip-on tuner that can be rotated in different angles to make it easier to read.The backlit LCD sets the T-30 apart from the rest when its screen color changes from Orange to Green to indicate in tune!. Don't worry about mowing through batteries. The T-30 has an energy saving function that will automatically turn it self off if there is no signal for 3 minutes.