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Mooer X2 Series Preamp Model X Digital Preamp Guitar Effects Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

The new Preamp Model X comes loaded with a host of new features that make it easy to customize your digital preamp and cab setup. Featuring 3 global cab sim files, support for third-party impulse response files, and 14 preset slots, each with two different channel settings to customize, the Model X offers plenty of space to prepare for long gigs or the freedom to explore and save different tonal combinations.

Where the Preamp Model X excels compared to previous MOOER preamp pedals is in the user interface and digital editor software. The expanded footswitch layout of the X2 gives users two settings to choose from: one for preset scrolling and one for A/B channel switching. This allows users to quickly cycle through presets at just a tap of the foot. The editor software is free and can be downloaded from MOOER’s website ( and allows users the comfort of a desktop interface when customizing and tweaking presets, loading third-party impulse response files, or updating the Model X2’s firmware.

The Preamp Model X has been specifically designed to be compatible with files created using MOOER’s MNRS sampling technology. Simply download these files from MOOER Studio ( and load them into your Model X2 using the editor software. The Model X2 is also compatible with MOOER’s GIR/GNR cab sim files as well as


  • Dual-channel digital preamp pedal based on MOOER's unique MNRS sampling technology
  • Includes 14 preset slots that can store two different channel settings each
  • Supports loading MNRS, GNR, and GIR files via MOOER STUDIO to expand your tonal palette
  • Dual-footswitch controls for preset scrolling or A/B channel switching
  • 3 global cabinet simulation files with support for loading third-party impulse response files or GIR files
  • Comes with specialized editor software for preset management, IR loading, and firmware updates


  • Input: 1*1/4” Monoaural jack (Impedance value: 1M ohms)
  • Output: 1*1/4” Monoaural jack (Impedance value: 510 ohms)
  • Num. of Preset Slot: 14
  • Num. of Factory Amp Model: 28 (Can be replaced by imported GNR file)
  • Num. of Factory Cab Sim: 3 (Global cab sim, can be replaced by imported GIR/IR file)
  • IR Spec: 44.1kHz/24bit/1024points
  • Power supply: 9V DV center negative (Please ensure the voltage value of power supply is not more than 9V, ensure the polarity is correct.)
  • Current Draw: 300mA
  • Dimension: 0.334kg
  • Weight: 75mm(D)*115mm(W)*33mm(H)
  • Accessories: Owner’s manual, USB TYPE-C to TYPE-A cable; DC 9V power supply, sticker.