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Mission Engineering SP1-TMP Expression Pedal for Fender Tone Master Pro

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Manufacturer's Description

Unlock the full potential of your Tone Master Pro with the Mission Engineering SP1-TMP expression pedal. The SP1-TMP connects to the Tone Master Pro’s expression and toe switch inputs allowing variable control of multiple amp and effect parameters in real time. The integrated toe switch can be used to engage and disengage effects without the need of additional hardware. The SP1-TMP is finished in black and metallic gray to coordinate with Tone Master Pro and features Fender Tone Master logos.


  • Expression pedal for use with Tone Master Pro workstation
  • Rugged all metal construction
  • Linear 10K expression output offers variable control over a multitude of amps and effect parameters
  • Latching toe switch toggles effects on/off
  • Two-tone metallic finish matches your Tone Master Pro
  • Requires 1/4" TRS and 1/4" TS cables for expression and toe switch output
  • Designed for Tone Master™ Pro



  • Power Requirements: Passive