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Mission Engineering SP1-ND Expression Pedal for NeuralDSP Quad Cortex, Black

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Manufacturer's Description

Get the most out of your NeuralDSP Quad Cortex

The pedal connects to the EXP inputs on the Quad Cortex. The linear potentiometer is matched exactly for a precise and natural response. The toe switch can be used turn effects on and off without requiring a separate footswitch.

The SP-1 is finished in a grey metallic finish unique to the Quad Cortex model and is identified by the NeuralDSP aluminum logo.

The Mission SP1-ND connects to the NeuralDSP Quad Cortex EXP inputs.

The toe switch function connecting the switch output to the second EXP input. The switch output may be left unconnected if this function is not required.

  • Pedal dimensions are 10″ x 4″ x 3″
  • Weight is 3.2lb
  • Potentiometer is 10K Ohm Linear
  • Switch is TRS latching