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Milkman Sound Bee Keeper 18-Watt 1x12" Tube Guitar Combo Amp


Manufacturer's Description

The Bee Keeper is a single channel, low wattage amplifier inspired by the “tweed” Bassman era of amplifiers. In typical Milkman fashion, the focus of the circuit is on the pristine clean and punchy tones that ride the edge of saturation rather than high gain. The clean fatness of the B style amplifier is kept in place while the wattage, size and weight get reduced.

The Bee Keeper’s custom Soursound transformer set utilizes the same winding structure as the venerable Triad 45249 transformer - easily the most defining component in the original 5F6 Bassman amplifier. The output transformer has been re-tooled to run a pair of 6V6 output tubes with cathode bias (rather than the original 5881 in grid bias) and the interleaving matches the original seven section buildup, contributing to its open top end, coupling efficiency, and airy response. 6V6 have more of a honey sweet tone and put out less wattage – they are the perfect tube to reduce a 45W circuit down to 18 watts.

The Bee Keeper will be available as a TV front 12” Combo with a Jupiter Ceramic or Alnico speaker, or as a TV front 4x8 with Jupiter Ceramic speakers. Like all Milkman amplifiers, it is wired by hand with pushback cloth wire in San Francisco, CA with the highest quality components available.