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Meinl MDTK Drum Tech Kit w/ 14 Tools and Parts for Drummers and Drum Techs


Manufacturer's Description

The Meinl Drum Tech Kit provides security beyond just a drum key. We carefully assembled a kit that will cover you for emergencies, routine maintenance, restoration projects or replacing lost parts. This bundle is perfect for any level of drummer needing to ensure their instrument is always in tip-top shape.

Included are 1x L-Shaped Drum Key, 4x Drum Honey Gel Pads, 6x Plastic Cymbal Sleeves, 4x Steel Cymbal Rivets, 4x Cymbal Felts, 2x HihatClutch Felts, 1x HihatBase Felt, 2x 8 mm Wing Nuts, 6x Metal Washers, 6x Plastic Washers, 2x Nylon Snare Cords, 2x Short Tension Rods, 4x Medium Tension Rods and 2x Long Tension Rods.

  • Includes 14 of the most common and important tools for drummers and techs
  • For gig emergencies, routine maintenance, restoration or replacing lost parts
  • Comes with a storage container for organization


  • Weight: 350g (12.35oz)
  • Tools:
    • 1x L-Shaped Drum Key
    • 4x Drum Honey Gel Pads
    • 6x Plastic Cymbal Sleeves
    • 4x Steel Cymbal Rivets
    • 4x Cymbal Felts
    • 2x Hihat Clutch Felts
    • 1x Hihat Base Felt
    • 2x 8 mm Wing Nuts
    • 6x Metal Washers
    • 6x Plastic Washers
    • 2x Nylon Snare Cords
    • 2x Short Tension Rods
    • 4x Medium Tension Rods
    • 2x Long Tension Rods