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Meinl HBAC Heavy Cymbal Bacon Sizzle Effect


Manufacturer's Description

Meinl Heavy Cymbal Bacon adds a big sizzle sound to any ride, crash, or effect cymbal in your setup. From traditional and brilliant to raw hand hammered cymbals, the Heavy Cymbal Bacon works with any sound and does not scratch or harm cymbal finishes. The thin washer is made to fit on any cymbal stand and may be placed underneath or on top of your cymbal felts (or use without felts). Instead of drilling your cymbals to add rivets, the 10.5” stainless steel beaded chain will bounce on top of your cymbal to deliver a sizzle effect that can be used in any setting.

  • Adds a big & filling sizzle effect to your cymbal
  • 10.5"" Stainless steel beaded chain
  • Works with all cymbal stands


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Chrome