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Marshall 60th Anniversary Reissue The Guv'nor Overdrive & Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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Marshall 60th Anniversary Reissue The Guv'nor Overdrive & Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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Manufacturer's Description

Released in 1988, The Guv'nor set the bar for future generations of distortion pedals. This reissue faithfully recreates the classic sound of The Guv’nor, providing a smooth overdriven sound with a touch of compression. The pedal is housed in a casing that is accurately modeled on the original, from the unique shape right down to the individually coloured control knobs. All that’s missing are the stories collected over 30+ years of use, but that’s where you come in.


In this faithful reissue, this pedal meticulously reproduces the timeless sonic character of The Guv'nor, offering a seamless recreation of its classic sound. Immerse yourself in a sonic landscape characterized by a smooth overdriven texture, delicately complemented by a touch of compression. The result is a finely tuned overdrive that captures the essence of the original, delivering a tone that is both expressive and versatile.


This reissue pedal fits a wide range of playing styles. It can do everything from soft, driven tones to boosting the volume for an overdriven sound. This pedal is a truly flexible companion that accommodates all musical preferences.

Every element of this reissue pedal, from its internal components to its exterior construction, is thoughtfully designed and built in our Bletchley factory. Embodying Marshall’s legacy of quality craftsmanship, this pedal is made to stand the test of time and more than handle the challenges of the stage. It’s durable and reliable, just like a pedal should be.


  • Built in our UK factory
  • Authentic vintage reissue
  • Mild steel chassis
  • Y-insert send/return loop for adding effects post-EQ (Y-insert cable not included)
  • Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Level controls
  • Robust, solid housing built for years of playing