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Mackie CR6S-X Powered High-Output 6.5-Inch Floor-Standing Subwoofer


Manufacturer's Description

Don’t just hear your music, feel it. With the CR6S-X subwoofer, you will truly experience all the bass hits, explosions, and rumbles that you’ve been missing, and you’ll be doing it in style. A high-output, down-firing 6.5” woofer combined with a carefully tuned port provide deep, punchy bass all within a compact form factor that doesn’t take up precious room under your desk. Easy to use touch controls for volume and mute plus integrated selectable RGB LED lighting complete your sleek desk look. Get the full audio experience from your desktop audio with the CR6S-X subwoofer.


  • High-output 6.5” LF driver
  • Front Ported for enhanced bass
  • Capacitive touch Volume and Mute controls
  • Compact design saves precious floor space
  • Volume follows source audio
  • Integrated selectable RGB LEDs
  • RCA input easily connects to CR2-X speakers and other common subwoofer outputs