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Lewitt Audio Pure Tube Studio Set Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone


Manufacturer's Description

PURE TUBE is perfectly optimized for vocal recordings.

PURE TUBE was holistically designed to allow you to deliver your best vocal performance and spark your creativity.

Its gold-sputtered 1-inch true condenser capsule is powered by a revolutionary circuit to add warmth, depth, and intimacy to your voice, technically unmatched by other microphone classics. To ensure that clarity is retained, a transformer-based filter balances the proximity effect, and musically rounds out the sonic image perfectly for vocal recordings.

The fully adjustable shock mount absorbs structure-borne noise efficiently, and the acoustically transparent pop shield puts an end to plosives. It magnetically attaches directly to the shock mount, so wobbly gooseneck pop filters are a thing of the past.

Absolutely every design detail shows that the PURE TUBE was designed for professional vocal recording.

Unique signal path for highest signal integrity and ultra-low noise performance.

PURE TUBE uses an entirely new circuit to create its timeless sound quality. The unique signal path is completely free from semiconductors and capacitors, so you hear all the character of the hand-selected tube with an ultra-low noise floor. PURE TUBE’s ultra-low noise level of 7 dB (A) will never negatively affect your signal, even with heavy post-processing used for contemporary music production.

This combination of innovative circuitry, high-quality components, and hand-selected ECC82/12AU7 tubes makes the PURE TUBE a high-performance microphone that is difficult to compare to conventional studio microphones, whether FET or tube.

Finally, 100 years after the first tube microphone was invented, there is a tube microphone without technical tradeoffs compared to FET or other tube microphones. With its outstanding sound quality and specifications, PURE TUBE will serve all those looking for a premium upgrade
in their sound. 10-year warranty Buying a $1000+ microphone is a giant leap for many looking to elevate their craft, and LEWITT offers a 10-year warranty (and industry-leading customer service) to ensure peace of mind.


  • Studio microphone with timeless premium sound
  • Optimized for professional vocal recordings
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Signal path free from capacitors and semiconductors Hand-selected 12AU7/ECC82 tube
  • Ultra-low noise performance of 7 dB (A)
  • Transformer-based filter to musically balance the proximity effect
  • Compact, energy-saving PSU works worldwide
  • Including magnetic pop filter, shock mount, 7-pin XLR cable, transport bag, mil-spec transport case 10-year LEWITT warranty


  • Sensitivity: 28.2 mV/Pa, -31 dBV/Pa
  • Self-noise: 7 dB (A)
  • Max SPL: 132 dBSPL
  • Dynamic range: 125 dB
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Supply voltage: External power supply
  • Microphone enclosure: Zinc die cast
  • Microphone dimensions: 196 x 65 x 45mm, 7.7 x 2.6 x 1.8 in
  • Microphone net weight: 692 g, 24.41oz
  • Box contents
    • 1x PURE TUBE microphone
    • 1x PURE TUBE power supply unit
    • 1x Fully adjustable shock mount
    • 1x Highly effective magnetic pop filter
    • 1x 7-pin XLR cable
    • 1x Transport bag
    • 1x Mil-spec transport case