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Lehle RMI Acouswitch IQ DI Acoustic Guitar Preamplifier


Manufacturer's Description

This multifunctional tool for acoustic musicians was conceived by Jacques Ruppert, mastermind of Ruppert Musical Instruments (RMI) and engineered by Lehle. It is a high end preamp in 2 channel design, with A/B switch for 2 instruments, a switchable parallel loop, a tuner-mute function and a DI out which is isolated by a Lehle transformer. As a special feature the Acouswitch, which serves as a central controller for acoustic setups, it has a body-contour-control to suit every musical environment: on the one hand a narrow notchfilter to reduce feedback with a frequency range of 45 Hz - 500 Hz, on the other hand it can boost a broad band of low to low-mid frequencies to make the sound fatter or make small speaker cabinets sound bigger.


  • The Acouswitch IQ DI features:
  • Lehle True Sound Technology
  • Input-A/B-switch with option to mix both signals
  • Studiograde preamp
  • 3-band EQ with semiparametric mids from 100 Hz to 6 kHz
  • Body-Contour-Control can be used as notchfilter or variable low mid boost
  • switchable effectsloop with blend/mix control
  • switchable effectsloop can also be used as volume boost
  • serial effectsloop (non switchable)
  • Studiograde D.I.-box with Pad-, Pre/Post- und groundlift-switch incl Lehle LTMZ transformer for galvanic isolation
  • can be used with any power supply 9 to 20 volt AC oder DC
  • additonal output for tuner
  • muteswitch
  • extremly robust design with protected controls