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Lava Music Space Charging Dock for 36" ME 3 Acoustic Guitar, Space White


Manufacturer's Description

Stay Powered Up

Inspired by Space Age design, this dock elevates the style and artistry of LAVA ME 3. It is not only a recharger but also a decoration.

Perfect Match

The dock features a polished outer shell and a soft inner base. It matches seamlessly with LAVA ME 3 both in function and aesthetics.

Multi-purpose Charging Dock

When connected to the contact points, LAVA ME 3 starts charging instantly. When not charging, the dock serves as a guitar stand and a decoration.

Charging Status Indicator

The indicator light pulses when charging and stays on when fully charged. It offers you a quick view of the charging status.

Secure and Reliable

With reinforced balance, design and structure, the dock is resistant to toppling, shock, and moisture. Every aspect is secure and reliable.