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Korg Volca FM 2 Six-Operator FM, 64-Program Synth w/ MIDI In and Out


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Korg Volca FM 2 Six-Operator FM, 64-Program Synth w/ MIDI In and Out


Manufacturer's Description

Elevator pitch

volca fm 2 is a compact, linkable, fun, and affordable polyphonic digital synthesizer with unique sounds, effects, and an easy-to-use sequencer -- with more features and power than the original.

Did You Know?

volca fm 2 shares the engine with the classic Yamaha DX7 (1983) and is completely compatible with SYS- EX patches for the DX7 as well.

Check out the Synthmata online editor: old and new volca fm users can use this completely free online editor to easily modify their patches; no installation required.

  • The best-selling volca fm with more polyphony, effects, preset locations, and connectivity
  • Add FM to any volca or synth rig compactly and affordably
  • 6 operator, 32 algorithms make it the most compact FM gear out there


  • 64 Programs (up from 32)
  • 6 voices of polyphony (up from 3)
  • MIDI IN and Out (previous MIDI IN only)
  • Reverb (Added) + Chorus
  • Velocity sensitive via MIDI
  • Randomizer - find new inspiration through happy accidents and unexpected patches.
  • MIDI In/Out - control other devices; use with DAW
  • Save 16 patterns with internal memory
  • Warp active step, pattern chain and an improved arpeggiator
  • Built-in speaker, battery powered (6 AA batteries)