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Korg Nautilus AT 61-Key Keyboard Workstation with Aftertouch


Korg Nautilus AT 61-Key Keyboard Workstation with Aftertouch


Manufacturer's Description

Powering new heights of musical expression

Nautilus is Korg’s flagship workstation. The successor to the wildly popular Kronos, the range now includes two new AT models. Available in 61 and 88-key versions, Nautilus AT introduces Aftertouch to the lineup, putting new heights of musical expression at your fingertips.

Nautilus AT features an expertly tuned sound library that brings exciting aftertouch-controlled effects to the existing programs, meaning you can fully embrace the expressive capabilities of Aftertouch right out of the box.

Aftertouch, in combination with initial touch and the DYNAMICS knob (giving instant control over the changes in sound) opens a wide range of musical expression in just one instrument. Combined, these features truly unlock the full potential of nine powerful sound engines, and a vast array of other features on NAUTILUS.

NAUTILUS AT comes in two versions: an 88-key model with a premium weighted RH3 keyboard for an incredible piano feel, and a 61-key model with a light, responsive and smooth synthesizer keyboard feel.

Flagship model, Premium quality

NAUTILUS is manufactured in Japan to the highest levels of quality. The 88-key model uses the critically acclaimed RH-3 piano keyboard, a four-stage weighted hammer action keybed that provides an extremely realistic piano feel for even the most discerning of players. RH-3 keyboards are gradually weighted, meaning that the lower notes are heavier, and the higher notes lighter for superb playability. The 61-key Nautilus AT features a synthesizer keyboard with a light touch able to reproduce the most complex of performances reliably and with the smoothest feel.

As part of the wider Nautilus range, it’s easy to identify Aftertouch-equipped models thanks to the AT mark above the Nautilus logo on the front panel.


  • Nine Sound Engines - NAUTILUS features nine dedicated sound engines to reproduce sounds such as pianos, electric pianos, organs and more. For example, the SGX-2 is a dedicated sound engine just for piano sounds!
  • 3 Sizes - NAUTILUS ships in 3 sizes, 61 and 73 keys which feature a synth action, and a full size 88 key version with a fully weighted hammer action.
  • Color TouchView Display - an 8-inch Touch and Drag sensitive display ability allows more detailed control while using NAUTILUS. Fun interactive instruments and panel graphics provide the ability to do everything from adjusting the lid of a grand piano to connecting patch cable on a semi-modular synthesizer model.
  • DYNAMICS Knob - you can instantly control the changes in volume and tone in response to how hard you play the keyboard on NAUTILUS, and you can customize this knob in real time to match the keyboard playing feel required for each style and song.
  • Set List - when performing live with NAUTILUS, Set List mode provides color-coded touch-screen buttons; each one can instantly call up the appropriate sound for a live performance.
  • Simplified & Intuitive Controls - The MODE button lets you see all modes on NAUTILUS on a single screen, from PROG and COMBI to the set list, sampling, sequence and global modes. Quick Access buttons are also available and customizable to help you navigate NAUTILUS quickly and easily.
  • Record Ideas - NAUTILUS features a sequencer/recording section that offers both 16 MIDI tracks plus 16 audio tracks.
  • NAUTILUS AT Models Include Aftertouch for added expressivity and control (NAUTILUS AT 61 and 88 Key Available)