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Korg ARP 2600 M Semi-Modular Compact Desktop Synthesizer


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Korg ARP 2600 M Semi-Modular Compact Desktop Synthesizer


Manufacturer's Description

Elevator Pitch: The ARP2600 full-size reissue sold out in days. The new M model provide the same incredible sound, features, and quality in a more compact and desktop-friendly format.

Did You Know?

At Korg, painstaking research goes into recreating the trueness of legacy models, using the quality components you’d expect that match the sound of originals. With 2600M, there was an additional challenge of getting the same reverb sound from a smaller spring, with great results!

You can really do incredible things with the 2600 and an SQ-64 sequencer! Take unbelievableadvantage of the ARP’s 3-oscillator structure and drive them separately from each other!

ARP2600M is Korg’s first MIDI modules that offer plug and play capability with a standard USB controller. No computer required!


  • One of the most iconic analog synthesizers ever released, faithfully reissued and offered in a desktop-friendly
  • Flexible semi-modular design for signature sounds and expansive possibilities for synthesists.
  • Plug and play controller compatibility and USB MIDI.
  • Both models come with a custom roller case and patch cables.


  • Classic three-oscillator, duophonic, semi-modular analog synthesizer
  • Complete series of patch points and faders as found on the original
  • Stereo speakers on-board
  • Spring reverb on-board, redesigned to provide the lushness of the reverb found in the full -size model.
  • Powers and accepts standard MIDI messages from any USB controller
  • All the power of the full -size model at 20.5” wide and only 13 lbs.