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KNA Pickups NG-2 Portable Bridge-Mounted Piezo Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar Pickup, Volume Control


Manufacturer's Description

With onboard volume control, NG-2 is a versatile choice for guitarists who need a piezo pickup to transfer the natural sound of their instrument.

Live or in the studio, it's a classical guitar pickup that brings true nylon-string sound and does it without an installation that requires modification.


Installs with no modification

NG-2 installs safely and securely on the classical or flamenco guitar tie block utilizing the tension of the strings.

Onboard volume control

Players can control their output signal while onstage or in the studio, right from the pickup-mounted volume knob.

Wood case

The piezo element is encased in elegant and stylish mahogany. The lightweight assembly offers maximum tonal sensitivity.

Natural Sound

NG-2 has a passive design that reproduces the natural sound of the instrument with no need for a battery.

Complete set

Two cables are included — one 9-ft. 1/8" to 1/4" and one 3-ft. 1/8" to female 1/4" jumper with safety clip to connect with your instrument cable.


  • Weight: 5g. / 0.176oz
  • Wood: Mahogany
  • Maximum Impedance: 500 Ω


  • Jumper cable with safety clip: 1meter / 3'
  • Amp cable: 3meter / 9'