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Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 MIDI Foot Controller


Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep 2 MIDI Foot Controller


Manufacturer's Description

SoftStep 2 is a generational leap beyond traditional pedalboards: an unbreakable, programmable MIDI foot controller, giving you unmatched connectivity to any and all of your rigs. The 10 gesture-sensitive pads register pressure and position, allowing you not just precision, but expression in your foot controls. SoftStep 2’s status-indicating LEDs and crystal-clear alphanumeric display ensure you never get lost, whether on a dark stage or deep in the groove.

At 18” and 1.3 pounds, SoftStep 2 travels with you anywhere in a backpack or gig bag, and is rugged enough to be thrown onto the stage night after night. SoftStep 2 is easy to use out of the box, with built-in compatibility with all major music software. The combination of LED feedback and pads layered with our Smart Fabric sensors gives you a centralized control source at the tips of your toes—freeing your hands to actually play.


Brilliantly Backlit

SoftStep 2 provides visual feedback from backlit keys, LED indicators, and an alphanumeric display.

Smart Fabric

Complete gestural control. A Smart Fabric layer under each key detects foot position and pressure in real time.

Road Proof

Durable by design. Softstep 2 has been tested to survive spills, 2-story falls onto concrete, and being run over by a car.


  • Controllers
    • 10 keys with pressure and location (X/Y) sensitivity
    • 1 navigation pad with pressure and location sensitivity
  • LEDs / Display
    • 10 bi-color (red/green) LEDs
    • 4 character alpha-numeric display
  • Dimensions
    • 450mm x 105mm x 24mm
    • 17.7in x 4.1in x 0.94
  • Weight: 1.3lbs (0.59kg)
  • Connections
    • USB connector
    • Mini-USB connector
  • Power Source
    • USB bus power
    • USB power supply (not included)
  • Power Consumption
    • SoftStep 1 hardware: ~105mA max draw @ 5V
    • SoftStep 2 hardware: ~ 140mA max draw @ 5V
  • Included Accessories: USB cable (5m, USB 2.0)
  • Data Transmitted
    • Class-compliant MIDI over USB
    • MIDI over 5-pin DIN (via KMI Expander)
  • System Requirements (Mac) (Software Editor)
    • Mac OS 10.5 or later
    • Intel Core 2 Duo processor or greater
    • 50MB free hard disk space
  • System Requirements (Windows) (Software Editor)
    • Windows 7 or greater
    • Intel Core 2 Duo processor or greater
    • 50MB free hard disk space