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KBrakes Kick Drum Slide Prevention Technology (Set of 2)


Manufacturer's Description

KBrakes Kick Drum Slide Prevention Technology (Set of 2)

What are KBrakes?

KBrakes are anchors for your kick drum spurs that have 512 stopping points that stop your kick drum from sliding, creeping and moving forward as you play. Drummers have been fighting against this problem for years, using things like tape, cinderblocks, even band members to keep their kick drum in front of them. Unlike other kick drum anchors KBrakes stay attached to your drum all the time. They have 180º rotation capabilities to allow them to fold flat as the drum is packed into it’s case. KBrakes are extremely durable, add zero weight to your drum kit and have one job to do and they do it better than any other drum anchor in the world. 

Why we created KBrakes!

Kick drum creep is something all drummers will face at one point. The problem happens when a bass drum is hit by the beater over and over again, this causes the drum to gradually move forward. You may have noticed this and thought, that's just what happens when you play hard. You may have tried things like placing a cinder block or sandbag in front of your bass drum. Or maybe you’ve tried things like harnessing your kick drum to your drum throne, or taping the drum spurs to the floor. Sometimes drummer play with just their spur spikes exposed. But still the problem persists as the bass drum can walk, hop or vibrate it’s way away from you.