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K-TEK KEG54 Uncabled Avalon Graphite Boom Pole for ENG, EFP, DV Production 5' Foot


Manufacturer's Description

Lightweight & Durable

The Avalon graphite poles are crafted of the same high-density graphite used in the Klassic line with the same goal of balancing maximum strength and minimum weight.

Practical Choice

Made from the best materials available, the Avalon® Graphite pole is a practical choice. The options aren't as modular or as vast as the Klassic line, but each model has a variety of cabling options, including uncabled and coil cable with a bottom exit XLR. Longer models have a side exit. An XLR and stereo (5-pin) coil cable is also available if needed. The base is made of Delrin and is fixed to the bottom of the pole.