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K-TEK KE60 Uncabled Avalon Aluminum Boom Pole for ENG, EFP, DV Production 5' Foot


Manufacturer's Description

Easy to use

Made from black anodized aluminum with a smooth finish, the Avalon® aluminum poles extend and collapse with ease. The locking system is identical to that of the K-Tek graphite poles allowing for a gentle twist of the collar for loosening and tightening. Each model has a variety of cabling options, including uncabled and coil cable with a bottom exit XLR. Longer models have a side exit. An XLR and stereo (5-pin) coil cable is also available if needed. The base is made of Delrin and is fixed to the bottom of the pole.


The Avalon Aluminum poles are about half the price of a graphite pole. The collar system, cable and materials are the same, but the tubing is less expensive. Therefore, these are great poles for the price. There is no compromise on quality!