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K-TEK K216CCR Klassic Series 6-Section Telescoping 18' Boom Pole for Location, Documentary & Studio Recording


Manufacturer's Description

Superior Construction

K-Tek Poles are constructed from high-density graphite selected for maximum strength and minimum weight. Eight layers of dent-proof graphite are precision ground and then burnished to produce a low handling-noise finish.

Advanced Design

Telescoping sections are connected with our proprietary locking system. The “captive collet” is held within a collar. With just a gentle twist, the collar squeezes the collet to lock the pole in position. The collar has a soft rubber sleeve studded with a unique dimple design that provides a pleasant touch and good grip under all conditions, even in extreme temperatures and humidity

Outstanding Versatility

The bottom coupling allows boom operators to attach a variety of accessories. The pole is available uncabled with our proprietory mushroom base or cabled with an internal coil cable with a bottom or side connector (CC or CCR). A stereo coiled cable is available with the same accessories. For straight internal cabling, a “flowthrough” base is available (FT or FTS).

K-CCR Base unit with Right Angle XLR for Internal Coiled Cable.

The K-CCR is a 3″ base where the XLR comes out the side and the mushroom base attaches to the end. With longer poles, this allows the operator to rest the pole on its base between takes without damaging the wiring.