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Joyo JF-323 Wooden Sound Acoustic Simulator Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal


Manufacturer's Description

The JOYO JF-323 Wooden Sound Acoustic Simulator pedal it is set to impress with its simulation of an acoustic sounding guitar.  Turn your electric guitar into an acoustic one at the press of a button. With the latest mini pedal from JOYO the Wooden Sound Acoustic Simulator effect expands the range of your guitar tone without swapping out your guitar mid track, or compensating on the mix.

With four controls, one each to adjust the High, Mid, Bass and Volume levels you can dial in the exact tone that you want. An amzingly nice pedal that punches above it's price range. Unlike a lot of acoustic simulator pedals this one actually sounds like you are playing an acoustic through a PA rather than just sounding thin and trebly. Add some reverb, delay and chorus and you've got a perfect acoustic sound without having to swap guitars midway through your song. A pedal that's sure to leave other guitarists asking how you did it!

Product Dimension:

  • 7.3 x 4.3 x 5 cm - Item Weight    220 g


  • High, Mid, Bass and Volume.


  • True Bypass
  • Input Impedance:1m Ohm
  • Output Impedance:50k
  • Running Current 22mA
  • Power:DC 9V adapter (negative polarity)
  • Dimensions 73(L) * 43(W)* 50(H)mm
  • Plug in 9v DC Adapter (not included)

In the Box:

  • 3m Velcro & Rubberised backings to fix to your board.
  • Instruction Card & Serial for warranty
  • 1 new mini guitar effect pedal from JOYO.