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JOYO R-12 Revolution Series Band Controller 10 Band Graphic Equaliser EQ Guitar Effects Pedal


JOYO R-12 Revolution Series Band Controller 10 Band Graphic Equaliser EQ Guitar Effects Pedal


Manufacturer's Description

JOYO 10 Band Graphic Equaliser R-12 EQ Band Controller

The JOYO 10 band Graphic EQ effect pedal is suitable for both Bass and Guitar, giving you shaping control over frequency band ranges from 31.25Hz to 16 kHz. A 10 band slide control dials in deep lows, fantastic bright mids and crystal clear high end frequencies. The Illuminated sliders lets you easilt see what you eq is doing , the R series ambient lights make this pedal stand out. A powder coated sky blue aluminium housing will mean this will endure prolonged use over time on the pedalboard.

Achieve a + or -12 dB boost or cut per frequency band

The full regulator band values are:

  • 31.25 Hz
  • 62.5 Hz
  • 125 Hz
  • 250 Hz
  • 500 Hz
  • 1K Hz
  • 2K Hz
  • 4K Hz
  • 8K Hz
  • 16K Hz

On the right side, there is an additional independent volume control, + or -12 dB boost making it a perfect boost for making a solo stand out, or to push a tube amp into overdrive mode.

  • Illuminated sliders
  • Dimensions: 125*78.5*48mm
  • Weight: 316g
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Input Mono 6.3mm
  • Output Impedance: 100Ω
  • Output Mono 6.3mm
  • Rated current consumption: 30mA
  • Working Voltage: DC 9V (centre negative)
  • Signal Bypass Type: True Bypass

The R Series, or Revolution series from JOYO are the 4th generation of guitar effects and all feature some very cool ambient LED lighting. The lights can be toggled from a switch on the rear of the pedal..3 modes of lighting are available to adjust when they come on.

'Sync' to the footswitch - The LED ambient lighting on the front and rear of the pedal with shine bright when the footswitch is pressed, also illuminating the LED effect indicator on the top of the pedal.
'Always' - The lights are always on, but the pedal is only activated when you press the footswitch and the LED effect indicator comes on.
'Off' - Okay, so Tron may not be your favourite and you want to stick to something a little less futuristic. The lights are off, the LED effect indicator comes on when you stomp on it and activate the pedal..