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JOYO 9V 800ma Center Negative Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply


Manufacturer's Description

If you only have one pedal to power, then a 9v 800ma centre negative single power supply is the perfect power supply for powering a single guitar effect pedal from JOYO.

The regulated supply of 9v at 800ma will power all JOYO guitar effect pedals from series 1, 2, 3 & 4 !

The 9v adapter is also ideal as a single power supply for the JOYO PXL effects controller and many other musical instruments that require a centre negative supply

When looking for a replacement power supply unit (PSU) for any device you will need to determine what power supply unit is compatible with your equipment. Many can be used across different effects pedals. Find out the type and size of connector plug, the voltage, the amperage and in the case of direct current (DC) you will need to know the polarity. Buying the wrong one will damage your equipment and void any warranty.

Voltage information is usually found on the equipment right next to the power supply input socket, the product manual or the manufacture website. Often it is stamped on the casing where the PSU is inserted.There may be a small sticker elsewhere on the case with the voltage & polarity information.

With JOYO its is on the back of the pedal.

This power supply has a 3 pin for the UK. It has a centre - negative polarity with 5.5mm outer x 2.2mm inner, the supply is regulated and will avoid any noise or hum on your amp.

Suitable for many Guitar pedals & musical instruments.