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JMAZ JZ3013 ATTCO Beam 230 Moving Head Light Fixture


Manufacturer's Description


The JMAZ ATTCO HYBRID 230 Features with Super Prisms (16 facet+24 facet prism)and a powerful, ultra bright OSRAM 7R lamp, 3 phase motors , Solid Beam angle: 2.5° ,Anti-reflection 136mm front lenses. JMAZ ATTCO HYBRID 230 is integrated with a full complement of professional characteristics including a static gobo wheel (16 gobos) ,a color wheel (11 colors), Frost filter, Motorized focus from near to far (2.5M-30M), variable speed shutter/strobe, 0-100% linear dimmer

  • OSRAM 230 Watt, with 2000 hours lifespan.
  • Beam angle: 2.5°
  • Large 136 mm front lens, provides uniform lighting field with no hotspot.
  • Anti-reflection front lenses
  • Improved optics and flat beam field
  • 164230 Lux @ 10 meters, 73170 Lux @ 15 meters.


  • ABS die-cast plastic cover with Aluminium structure
  • Motorized focus from near to far (2.5M-30M)
  • 16-facet prism with variable speed and direction
  • 16-facet prism+8-facet prism with variable speed and direction
  • Combined prism effect by 16-facet prism and 16-facet +8-facet prism with variable speed and direction
  • Frost filter available (Hybrid effect for wash)
  • Variable direction rainbow effect with speed adjustable
  • Dual flag mechanical dimming system
  • 20T/sec high speed shutter/strobe effect with variable speed
  • Preset variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect
  • 2.4′ TFT LCD display (320*240pix)
  • Display reversible for up side down application
  • Vector mode with blackout MIB function
  • Electronic ballast and power supply
  • Power con IN/OUT
  • 3-Pin XLR connectors IN/OUT
  • Lamp using time readable on the display
  • 55dB at 3’dB rating
  • 2*1/4 turn fastening Omega clamps
  • 1*Safety attachment point available


  • Effects
    • 11 colors & white with bicolor option
    • 16 static gobos & open, with beam reducers included
    • Frost filter
    • 16 Facet prism with variable speed and direction
    • 24 Facet prism with variable speed and direction
    • Prisms can be both inserted on the beam and their rotation speed and direction is independently controlled.
    • Electronic focus with range from 2,5 to 30 meters.
    • Fast Pan & Tilt movements
    • Double blade shutter for dimming, strobe and pulse effects
  • Control
    • DMX control with 14 or 16 DMX channels
    • Auto, Music modes
    • Manual control via the fixture’s LCD screen
    • Feedback for Pan/Tilt movement correction
    • 4′ TFT LCD display (320*240pix)
    • electronic ballast and power supply
    • Power supply: 90/260 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz.
    • Dimensions: 203 x 370 x 375 mm (D x W x H)
    • Net Weight 13,2 Kg, Gross Weight: 15,92 Kg.